Claim Submission

What you will need to file a claim IN THE FORM BELOW:

  1. Policy Information (found on our policy email as seen on the right which is in your inbox from "") 

  2. Upload order purchase receipt/invoice from original order purchase (not the actual ticket with QR code, but the receipt showing what amount you paid, etc.)


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Note:  All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required, and all other fields are optional but recommended to process your claim as quickly and accurately as possible.  Additionally once we gather this claim we will be sending you a signature page to sign that you certify all of the below is accurate and truthful under Federal Law and under penalty of perjury.

Name of Authorized Claimant *
Name of Authorized Claimant
Event Location *
Event Location
Event Scheduled Start Date *
Event Scheduled Start Date
Event Scheduled End Date (if multi-day)
Event Scheduled End Date (if multi-day)
Leave unselected if One Day Event
Please include as much detail as possible.
Please include as much detail as possible.


By clicking "Submit Claim" you certify that all information on this claim is accurate and truthful under Federal Law and under penalty of perjury. The submission of a false, fictitious or fraudulent statement may result in imprisonment of up to 5 years and a fine of up to $10,000 (18 USC 1001). In addition, a civil penalty of up to $5,000, and an assessment of twice the amount falsely claimed may be imposed (31 USC 3802).  I furthermore authorize the claims service department to divulge to their agents or other third parties such information as may be necessary to assist in the processing of my claim.  I confirm that where my claim is made on behalf of others, I have authority to act on their behalf and accept responsibility for the disbursement of any monies due.  I understand that falsification of the information provided will result in the declination of my claim and possible legal action against me.


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“Hi! I’m one of the Claims Specialists at FanShield and will be helping you through the filing process. We understand that it’s already a bummer that you had to cancel your event, so we’ll try and make this process as seamless as possible for you!  

NOTE:  The "File a Claim Here" button below in footer is ONLY for our Consumer facing FanShield products and NOT EventShield.  Unlike our FanShield products, FanShield LLC is merely the broker and technology provider for EventShield and this product is managed, underwritten, and administered by Adventure Advocates and their underwriters.  To file a Claim on EventShield please fill out the form above and we will get you introduced and in process with the underwriters of your policy.